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Below are a few examples of cases that members of the Georgia Truck Accident Attorneys have been involved in settling or taking to trial. We never promise a successful outcome in anyone’s case, but we will fight our hardest to get you the help you need.

Settlement: In this case, our client's vehicle sustained only minor property damage and the tractor-trailer driver denied that our client was struck. Our client was treating with a chiropractor for a pre-existing condition at the time of the wreck.

Settlement: Our client was struck in a three-vehicle wreck. The tractor-trailer driver and the passenger car driver each blamed the other.

Settlement. The at-fault tractor-trailer driver's insurance company initially offered the client nothing. Our lawyers were retained and filed a lawsuit. A missing witness was tracked down and agreed to testify on behalf of our client. The case was settled shortly after.

Settlement: Our client was hit by a tractor-trailer, who then left the seen. After a thorough investigation, our attorneys settled with the client's uninsured motorist policy carrier.

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