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Wiggam & Geer is dedicated to assisting our clients with complex tax and financial issues. Our team of experienced tax attorneys can help you solve a wide range of problems — from answering an IRS audit letter and fighting an IRS wage levy or garnishment, to representing you in more complicated matters such as a syndicated conservation easement case or bankruptcy. Jason Wiggam and Will Geer have brought together Atlanta’s top tax attorneys to find the most effective and efficient solutions to your tax and financial issues.

Let’s explore your options.

We know what it takes to solve complicated tax and financial issues, and will work to find the best plan of action for you. Whether it’s negotiating an offer in compromise, setting a plan for installment payments, or finding other ways to resolve and settle your IRS tax debt, we are there for you.

Each client is unique.

Our experienced attorneys don’t just present cookie-cutter solutions. We understand each client has distinct issues and circumstances. We are proud to serve clients and assist them with discovering positive outcomes. When you come to Wiggam & Geer, we work our hardest to meet your specific goals.

We support our local community.

Our firm is involved with local charities and community organizations. Giving back is part of who we are, and we are constantly looking for ways to fulfill that commitment.

Wiggam & Geer can help you with complex IRS and Georgia tax issues.

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    Our Practice Areas

    Conservation Easements

    If you have taken a deduction for a conservation easement and are concerned about the IRS’s crackdown on these transactions or are already in litigation, we can help assess your options and respond to the IRS.


    IRS Audit Letters

    If you have received an IRS audit letter, the experienced attorneys at Wiggam & Geer can ensure your response meets all IRS requirements and help prepare you for the agency’s challenges to your tax return.

    CP2000 Notice

    If you disagree with the IRS’s claims of underreported income, we can help you timely respond to IRS notice CP2000 and avoid further scrutiny.

    Resolve and Settle with the IRS

    If you owe a large amount of money and are wondering how to settle debt with the IRS, we can help you evaluate your options and negotiate the best settlement for your situation.

    Tax challenges can bring your business or life to a halt. We’ll help you overcome them – so you can get moving again.

    • Our firm specializes in complex tax matters.
    • Save your business from the IRS.
    • Stop IRS and state tax garnishments.
    • Will explore all options, including an offer-in-compromise.
    • Over 20 years of combined tax experience.
    • Can negotiate a payment plan or “currently not collectible” status.
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    Case Results



    We successfully reduced the taxpayer’s liability down to just 20% of the original tax owed, from $121,000 to $24,400.


    Our client owed Georgia $366,000. Our Offer in Compromise succeeded in reducing their liability to $25,000.


    Our Request for Innocent Spouse Relief for our recently divorced client resulted in an income tax liability reduction of $116,715.


    We successfully filed an Offer in Compromise to settle the client’s $563,673 federal income tax liability for less than $20,000.

    Jason Wiggam is an excellent tax attorney...

    “Jason Wiggam is an excellent tax attorney. He resolved our problem with the IRS with zero liability. I highly recommend this firm.”

    –Kristina H.

    I am a practicing attorney...

    “I am a practicing attorney and occasionally have clients who have problems with the IRS. Jason is my go-to referral for those clients. I have referred several clients to him, and he has achieved excellent results for all of them.”

    –Steven H. 

    Wiggam & Geer has been a great partner . . .

    “Wiggam & Geer has been a great partner. They are responsive and professional. I could not ask for more when it comes to these guys. Highly recommended!”

    Olav B. 

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience...

    “I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Wiggam & Geer. I wish all law firms were as effective, organized, timely and relaxing to work with. The relaxing part is especially striking. I needed the firm at an extremely stressful time in my life. I was hugely in debt to the IRS because of a painful divorce. Jason, Judson and crew got me through the whole thing with a fantastic outcome.”
    –Charles R. 



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