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Tax problems are more common than you think. Currently, about 26 million taxpayers are facing a federal or state tax issue. These taxpayers are not criminals. They are regular people with good intentions, and their tax issues are caused by things beyond their control. If you are facing financial issues, an illness in your family, divorce, loss of employment, or a down year for your business, you aren’t alone. Wiggam & Geer is here to help.

At Wiggam & Geer, we are dedicated to successfully resolving your tax issue and putting your mind at ease. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result in any case, we have been able to save our clients significant amounts of money. The client successes we achieved below resulted in savings of more than $2.7 million.

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$97,000 Saved

The IRS agreed to put the taxpayer’s $2,920,000 ($2.9M) tax balance into Currently Not Collectible (CNC) status. Additionally, the Georgia Dept. of Revenue also agreed to an Offer in Compromise settlement to reduce the taxpayer’s liability down to just 20% of the original tax owed, from $121,000 to $24,400.

$10,366 Saved

The Georgia Department of Revenue alleged our client was involved in a spouse’s business and therefore personally liable for $10,367 in unpaid sales taxes. We challenged the DOR and proved our client had no relationship with the business. Georgia settled the case for $1.

$543,000 Saved

We settled with the IRS to reduce our client’s federal income tax liability from $563,673 to less than $20,000.

$445,643 Saved

We disputed an IRS assessment against our client, a church, resulting in a reduction of the liability from $474,909 to $38,266. The IRS also removed some late payroll tax filing penalties, saving our client an additional $9,000.

$341,000 Saved

Our client owed Georgia $366,000. Our Offer in Compromise succeeded in reducing their liability to $25,000.

$23,444 Saved

The Georgia Department of Revenue alleged our client was a Georgia resident who owed $23,444 in Georgia income taxes. Our client is not a Georgia resident, which we petitioned to the Georgia Tax Tribunal. They agreed, which eliminated our client’s Georgia liability.

80% Saved

We filed a U.S. Tax Court Petition for our client that had an alleged federal corporate income tax liability. The liability stemmed from the IRS auditor who disallowed many of our client’s business expenses. In the end, we achieved an 80% reduction of our client’s liability when the IRS settled, reinstating the majority of the business expenses and abating all penalties.


We negotiated a $500 monthly installment agreement for our client who owed $368,452 in federal income taxes.


We negotiated a partial pay installment agreement for our client who owed $135,000 in federal income taxes. Now their monthly payment is reduced to $223.

$359,078 Saved

Our client was suffering after their former employee embezzled the company’s payroll funds. Between the IRS and Georgia, our client owed a substantial amount. Our Penalty Abatement Requests saved our client $359,078 across their combined federal and state liabilities.

$117,500 Saved

The Georgia Department of Revenue assessed a $120,000 sales tax liability against our client, a towing company. We challenged the liability on the basis that many of the transactions were not subject to sales tax. Georgia settled the case for $2,500.

$290,973 Saved

Suffering from severe depression and alcoholism, our client did not file federal or Georgia income tax returns for 14 years. We submitted a Voluntary Disclosure Request, which permitted our client to file tax returns for the last three years and waived all late filing penalties. This saved our client $80,498 in Georgia. And, our Penalty Abatement Request with the IRS resulted in a savings of $210,475 in penalties.

$56,400 Saved

Our client hired us to negotiate a new installment agreement as their existing $400 monthly agreement was under review by the IRS. The client owes $60,000 in back taxes. We were able to negotiate a new $100 monthly installment agreement that took into account what the client could afford to pay and not the amount he owes the IRS. The client’s statute of limitations for collection of his tax liability ends in 2023, so the debt will be written off then. If he maintains his installment agreement until then, he will pay approximately $3,600 to “settle” his $60,000 debt.

$15,000 Saved + $2,688 Refund

We were able to remove our client’s entire $15,000 income tax assessment and tax lien from the Georgia Department of Revenue. Our client also received a refund of $2,688.

Over $241,000 Saved

After successfully changing our client’s status with the IRS to “Currently Not Collectible,” we’ve been able to write off $177,702 from their balance due so far, with another $64,024 to be written off when additional collection statutes of limitation expire later this year.

Over $41,000 Saved

Our client, a prominent staffing and hospitality business in Atlanta, came to us with a proposed Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP) of $41,433 due to the IRS. Wiggam & Geer filed a protest to dispute the IRS’s position and successfully defended the penalties. The IRS ultimately conceded and completely abated the proposed penalties, saving the client over $41,000.

$320,000 Saved

We helped a client with their bankruptcy filing, which resulted in removing their $320,000 federal income tax liability.

$111,655 Saved

 We were able to place our client who had a federal income tax liability of $111,655 into Currently Not Collectable status. Four years remained on the collection statute of limitation, after which the remaining liability will be written off.

$93,821 Saved

Our client, a manufacturing company, owed $123,371 in federal payroll taxes. A Federal Tax Lien would have closed down the company’s line of credit, severely damaging the business. We worked with the IRS, resulting in an abatement of $29,550 in penalties.

$116,715 Saved

Our Request for Innocent Spouse Relief for our recently divorced client resulted in an income tax liability reduction of $116,715.

$57,000 Saved

We saved our client $57,000 not only by submitting an Offer in Compromise with the Georgia Department of Revenue that reduced their $117,000 tax liability by more than $30,000 but by negotiating a 60-month interest-free payment plan that saved them an additional $24,000 in interest.

$200,000 Saved

Our client owed over $181,000 to the IRS and over $27,000 to the Georgia Department of Revenue. We filed an Offer in Compromise (OIC) with the IRS and settled the case for $688. We filed an OIC with the Georgia Department of Revenue and settled the case for $5,000. Overall, we saved our client over $200,000.

$15,000 Refund

Before we were hired, the IRS had been garnishing our client for three years. We removed the garnishment and submitted a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. The client’s entire liability was removed, and they received a $15,000 refund covering the majority of the garnished wages.