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When a person or a business has an unresolved tax debt, the IRS will not hesitate to take action. Many are surprised how quickly a tax controversy can escalate into a potential wage garnishment, bank levy, or asset levy. At Wiggam & Geer, our team of experienced tax attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and receiving tax relief as quickly and efficiently as possible for our clients.

Wage Garnishment

If you are delinquent on your taxes, the IRS can garnish a portion of your wages. The IRS only has to issue a single levy to be able to seize your salary, commission, or other types of income such as dividends or payments on promissory notes. Even worse, the IRS can keep taking money from your paycheck every week until the back taxes and penalties are paid.

Bank Levies

Bank levies are one of the most common IRS tactics for seeking delinquent funds. If a taxpayer is late on their taxes, the IRS can levy that person’s bank account until the back taxes and all other interest and penalties are paid. The IRS can seize all of the funds in the bank account, if it deems it necessary.

Asset Levies and Seizure

The IRS can also seize a taxpayer’s assets as compensation for unpaid federal tax debt. This can include houses, vehicles, jewelry, artwork, and other valuable personable property. It can be extremely difficult for a person to get their property back once it has been claimed by federal or state taxing authorities.

If you are dealing with a tax controversy and are at risk of a wage garnishment, bank levy, or asset seizure, it is best to act quickly and hire an experienced tax attorney as soon as possible. Our team will develop a proactive solution, with the goal of stopping the IRS garnishment or levy or having it released as soon as possible. We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ interests and want to help your money where it belongs – with you.

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