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How To Use Bankruptcy to Lower Your Car Payment

Paying a car payment each month with interest you know is exorbitant can be agony. But did you know that you could use bankruptcy to lower your car payments? There are actually two different ways to accomplish a lower car payment by filing bankruptcy, and both are...

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4 Common Tax Myths Demystified

The United States tax code can be a bear to understand. There are a lot of misconceptions about how we are taxed, so we’ll tackle four of the more commonly held misinformed beliefs in this article. Higher Tax Brackets Do Not Mean ALL Your Income is Taxed at a Higher...

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A Guide to Being Sued by Unifund CCR, LLC

If Unifund CCR, LLC has served you with a debt collection lawsuit, the end is not near. Like Cavalry Portfolio and Midland Funding, Unifund CCR, LLC is a junk debt buyer with a business model that relies on the fact that 95% of consumers won't respond to their...

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What Bills You Should Still Pay After Bankruptcy

So you’ve taken the leap and filed bankruptcy. Wiping out your debt is a fulfilling feeling, but don’t let that feeling of relief prevent you from making important financial decisions in the future. After all, you can't improve your credit score if you don't pay your...

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How to Answer a Debt Collection Lawsuit

If you've been served with a debt collection lawsuit, the worst thing to do is stick your head in the sand and fail to file an answer to the complaint. This is EXACTLY what debt collectors who buy up old debt expect you to do, and their entire business model relies on...

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