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Tax Services

Wiggam & Geer, LLC handles all tax resolution matters including:

  • Stopping IRS and state collection actions such as wage garnishments, bank levies, and asset levies.
  • Challenging IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue tax assessments before the U.S. Tax Court and Georgia Tax Tribunal.
  • Representing clients at appeals conferences, collection due process hearings, equivalent hearings, and CAP (collection appeals program) hearings.
  • Filing penalty abatement requests, protests, audit reconsiderations, and requests for innocent spouse relief.
  • Negotiating tax settlements through an Offer in Compromise, bankruptcy, or partial pay installment agreement.
  • Negotiating installment agreements, currently not collectible status, and collection freezes.
  • Helping taxpayers who have unfiled tax returns minimize their criminal exposure and tax liability with Voluntary Disclosure Requests.
  • Assisting taxpayers with undisclosed foreign bank accounts and assets, including late FBAR filings, streamlined offshore compliance procedures, and the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP).
  • Representing business owners with payroll and employment tax issues.
  • Defending taxpayers with “trust fund” recovery penalty issues.
  • Assisting taxpayers with tax lien issues such as federal tax lien discharges and federal tax lien withdrawals.
  • Working closely with clients and CPAs in devising strategies to minimize potential taxes, penalties, and interest.

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Tax Case Results

Tax problems are more common than you think. About 26 million taxpayers currently are facing a federal or state tax issue. These taxpayers are not criminals. They are regular people with good intentions and their tax issue is due to something beyond their control. If you are facing financial issues, an illness in your family, divorce, loss of employment, or a down year for your business, you aren’t alone. Wiggam & Geer is here to help.

We are dedicated to successfully resolving your tax issue and putting your mind at ease. Although we cannot guarantee a specific result in any case, we have been able to save our clients significant amounts of money. The client successes we achieved below resulted in savings of over $2.7 million.

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  • We successfully filed an Offer in Compromise to settle the client’s $563,673 federal income tax liability for less than $20,000.
  • Our client received an income tax assessment by the Georgia Department of Revenue for $15,000. We were able to remove the entire liability and the tax lien that was filed. The client also received a refund of $2,688.
  • We helped a client plan a bankruptcy filing which resulted in a removal of a $320,000 federal income tax liability.
  • The IRS filed a payroll tax assessment against a church. We successfully disputed the assessment which resulted in a reduction of the liability from $474,909 to $38,266. The IRS also agreed to remove late filing penalties for 12 payroll tax returns, saving the church an additional $9,000.
  • We negotiated a partial pay installment agreement for a client who owed $135,000 in federal income taxes, reducing the client’s monthly payment to just $223.
  • We were able to place a client with a federal income tax liability of $111,655 into Currently Not Collectable status. Four years remained on the collection statute of limitation, after which the remaining liability will be written off.
  • We successfully negotiated a $500/month installment agreement for a client who owes $368,452 in federal income taxes.
  • Our client accrued a federal payroll tax liability and a Georgia withholding tax liability because a former employee embezzled the company’s payroll funds. Both the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue accepted Penalty Abatement Requests which resulted in a savings of $359,078 for the company.
  • Our client, a manufacturing company, owed $123,371 in federal payroll taxes. The filing of a Federal Tax Lien would have resulted in the company’s business line of credit being closed. We filed a Request to Withhold the Filing of a Federal Tax Lien on the client’s behalf, and the IRS agreed to not file. We were also able to get the IRS to agree to abate $29,550 in late payment and late deposit penalties related to the payroll tax liability.
  • We successfully filed a Georgia Offer in Compromise for a client in the amount of $25,000. This accepted offer saved our client $341,000. ­
  • The Georgia Department of Revenue assessed a $120,000 sales tax liability against our client, a towing company. We successfully challenged the liability on the basis that many of the company’s transactions were not subject to sales tax and settled the case for $2,500.
  • We filed a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief on behalf of our client who was recently divorced. The filing resulted in reduction of her income tax liability by $116,715.
  • The Georgia Department of Revenue alleged our client was a Georgia resident and owed $23,444 in Georgia income taxes. Our client is not a resident of the state. We petitioned the Georgia Tax Tribunal on his behalf. Our client did not pay anything to the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • The IRS was garnishing our clients for 3 years before she hired us. We removed the garnishment and submitted a Request for Innocent Spouse Relief. The client’s entire liability was removed and our client received a $15,000 refund covering the majority of her garnished wages.
  • Our client did not file federal or Georgia income tax returns for 14 years due to severe depression and alcoholism. A Voluntary Disclosure Request was submitted to the Georgia Department of Revenue which permitted the client to file tax returns for only the last 3 years and waived all penalties related to those late filed returns. This saved our client $80,498 in Georgia income tax liability. A Penalty Abatement Request was submitted to the IRS and approved for the last 6 tax years which resulted in a savings of $210,475 in penalties.
  • We filed a U.S. Tax Court Petition for a company with an alleged federal corporate income tax liability. The alleged liability was due to the disallowance of certain business expenses by the IRS auditor. The IRS agreed to settle, reinstate the majority of the business expenses, and abate all penalties which resulted in an 80% reduction of the liability.

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